ToKnowPress welcomes book proposals and manuscript submissions from prospective authors holding relevant academic credentials. Book proposals and manuscripts should be sent by email to:

We prefer to see a proposal before you submit the manuscript. A proposal should consist of the following:

  • A covering letter
  • Your curriculum vitae
  • The title of the book and a tentative table of contents
  • A summary of the book and/or a sample chapter
  • Quantities of photographs, line drawings, maps, charts, and tables that need to be included
  • The estimated length of your manuscript and its anticipated date of completion
  • A rationale for the publication of the text and a comparison of your book to others in the field

For preparing the manuscript, please follow the Guide for Authors. When submitting a paper to a journal, please follow the instructions on the journal’s web page.

We support the open access publishing of monographs, conference proceedings, and journals.

ToKnowPress is committed to promoting the highest standards of publishing ethics across all its publications.

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