International Journal of Management, Knowledge and Learning

Volume 4 (2015) Issue 1 • Forthcoming in June 2015 • Guest Editor: Valerij Dermol

Determinants of Willingness to Pay for an Urban Green Area:
A Contingent Valuation Survey of College Students

Maria Bonaventura Forleo, Luca Romagnoli, and Nicola Gagliardi

Supply Chains in the Apparel Industry: Do Transnational Initiatives
for Social Sustainability improve Workers’ Situation?

Claude Meier

The Impact of Exchange Rate on Poland’s Trade Flows
Katarzyna Twarowska

Online Right to Be Forgotten in the European Justice Evolution
Augusto Sebastio

Entrepreneurial, Renewal and Trust Capital of Italian Firms:
Insights from an Empirical Study

Mara Del Baldo, Paola Demartini, and Paola Paoloni

Sustainable Development of Oil Sands and Host Communities:
A Preliminary System Dynamics Assessment
O.  A.  Falebita, S. Koul, J.-F. K. Akinbami, and J. B. Akarakiri

Knowledge Management for Knowledge Society and Intergenerational Education
Jana Goriup and Vilma Alina Šoba

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