Strategic Approaches to Human Resources Management Practice

Edited by
Valerij Dermol
Anna Rakowska

December 2014, 184 pp.

Open Access
ISBN 978-83-65020-00-0 PDF

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The book Strategic Approaches to Human Resources Management Practice is focused on the issue of diversity management. This concept fits well with the concept of HR strategy due to its ability to create longterm value for the organization. Nowadays, the diversity management is increasingly recognized by larger organizations, especially multinational corporations, however, most of the managers are of an opinion that diversity management is beneficial only as an element of strategic human resources management. Diversity management can be viewed as a strategy for using best practices with proven results to find and create diverse and inclusive workplace. Successful strategies link diversity progress directly to the business results. Best practices may include the use of employee teams, diversity councils, mentoring and sponsorship, and supplier diversity. The hereby monograph has been inspired as a response to the looming changes and the thirst for discussion on the challenges of the contemporary HR. The authors of the monograph are of different nationalities and have different research and practical experience in the field of HR, which allowed for commencing the discussion from multifarious prisms and perspectives.