Human Resources Management Challenges: Learning & Development

Edited by
Anna Rakowska
Katarina Babnik

January 2015, 187 pp.

Open Access
ISBN 978-83-65020-02-4 PDF
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In the last decade, the concept of diversity management has become popular in literature and business practice. Nevertheless, the issue of employee diversity is not a novelty, it originates back in the 60s, when the matter of gender equity emerged. Since the 80s, there has been generated quite a heated debate on diversity management, mainly in the USA. Today diversity management has caught considerable attention also in Europe, which mainly results from extensive change in the business environment. The aging society, the emergence of new generations of workers, the influx of immigrants, or the internationalization of business activities necessitate the search for new hr models and management practices, which will promote better utilization of the employee potential. Drawing on diverse human resources could become an opportunity in this context.