Unlocking the Potential of Employees in the Context of Organizational Diversity

Edited by
Anna Rakowska

April 2018, 307 pp.

Open Access
ISBN 978-83-65020-21-5 PDF

Conclusions emerging from the empirical section of the book may offer recommendations to improve the efficiency of diversity management among companies and managers … The review of research results may constitute a reference point for those interested in pursuing the implementation of diversity management in organizations. Differences among respondent groups outlined in the book may offer information on the way teams which utilize the synergy and improve productivity ought to be formed. I wholeheartedly recommend the book due to its compelling subject matter, rich cognitive content and reliable empirical studies which formed the basis of various constructive conclusions. The present work fills the gap in publications pertaining to the issue of diversity management.
Irena Hejduk

Authors in empirical part present a very complex, multidimensional model that comprehends all the factors described in the previous chapters, even including some of the concerns pointed out, such as differences between industries. This book is very enlightening for academics and practitioners both, because it offers a multidisciplinary view of an unavoidable issue (that of diversity in the workforce), and gives tools to help companies use this diversity for their profit.
Susana de Juana-Espinosa