Competitiveness and Solidarity in the EU

Nada Trunk Širca
Špela Majcen

December 2019, 133 pp.

ISBN 978-83-65020-28-4
14.00 EUR

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Europe has a particular relationship with knowledge. From Ancient Greek philosophers, to enlightened thinkers and today’s researchers, politicians and visionaries, Europeans have sought knowledge and relied on facts to understand the world.

This monograph looks at some policies of the European Union that usually do not make real headlines, such as the achievements of European researchers, news on successful students spending a year in another Member State or achievements of the common European labour market. These policies might not be obvious to a casual follower of European affairs, but nevertheless constitute an important cornerstone in building an ever-closer Union. In fact, it is the citizens that engage in the exchange of knowledge, ideas, experiences and cultures through these less visible policies.

Therefore, this monograph introduces the European education and higher education, research, innovation and entrepreneurship policies and initiatives, and looks at which skills are crucial at the EU labour market of the future. The monograph contains links to websites, where the reader can find additional information and further navigate the web as per personal interest and serves as a baseline for further research on each of the topics.