European Union and the Western Balkans

Edited by
Gazmend Qorraj
Iraj Hashi

Open Access
2020 | ISBN 978-83-65020-33-8 | PDF

The six Western Balkan countries, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia, all aspire to be members of the European Union. Albania and North Macedonia are already candidate countries while Montenegro and Serbia have opened negotiations for EU membership. Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina are at earlier stages of the process and must wait for a green light to start negotiations for membership.
Although the six countries are at different stages of fulfilling their aspiration for EU membership, they have already been influenced significantly by EU policies and programmes designed for them. These policies and programmes have aimed at supporting economic, political and social development; speeding up the reform process facilitating transition from centrally planned economies to democratic market economies; and enhancing the rule of law and governance in these countries.
There is, therefore, a strong interest in the development of the EU and its policies, particularly related to the Western Balkans, in the society as well as among policy makers and the academia in these countries. This book intends to provide students and staff on such courses as European Integration or Economics of the EU with an up-to-date analysis of the EU and its wide range of policies and programmes. Additionally, the book can enhance the knowledge of local decision-makers about the opportunities and challenges arising from the EU.