Analysis of Economic and Financial Factors of Unemployment Reinsurance

Aleš Trunk
Igor Stubelj

Open Access
2020 | ISBN 978-83-65020-34-5 | PDF

The monograph presents empirical studies relating to European environment and contributing to development and integration of the EU. Establishment of transnational institutions is of paramount importance for EU integration, not only today, but also in the future. The authors discuss adequacy of possible reinsurance in the event of unemployment in the European Union countries in terms of maintaining the level of consumption of the unemployed and promoting economic efficiency. The main original contribution of the monograph to science in the field of unemployment reinsurance research is the development of a model by which the authors simulated the operation of the EU20 unemployment insurance system in the period 2003–2013. The monograph demonstrates that a model based on the economic and financial heterogeneity of the EU member states would contribute to safeguarding income, maintaining consumption levels and act as an automatic stabilizer of the economy.