Human Learning for Productive and High-Performance Workplace

Kongkiti Phusavat

Open Access
2021 | ISBN 978-83-65020-39-0 | PDF

The book is based on extensive research and experiences in the areas of human learning, productivity, and performance. Human learning is essential for business success and long-term competitiveness because the ability to become productive depends largely on how well an organization can utilize the talents of its workforce. Tackling the underutilization of the talents is a longstanding challenge for the researchers and the practitioners alike. Not only human learning is crucial for private firms, its impacts on organizational productivity and performance also include public agencies and social organizations. For the private firms, learning helps maintain creativity and innovation. For the public agencies, learning indicates more efficiency for public service delivery. For the social organizations, learning means higher cost-effective operations and becomes more resourceful to support the operations. How an individual learns and how to sustain the motivation to learn, given the recognition of learning diversity in a workplace, are extensively discussed since these subjects are the foundation of human learning. This book reflects the transdisciplinary research that is based on industrial engineering, industry psychology, and education.