Unleashing the Power of Community Animators

Edited by
Valerij Dermol
Anica Novak Trunk

Open Access
2023 | ISBN 978-83-65020-43-7 | PDF

2023 | ISBN 978-83-65020-44-4

In the first part of this comprehensive book, we delve into the multifaceted concept of ‘animation’ and its diverse interpretations, with a special emphasis on its pivotal role in social animation. This analysis underscores the crucial function of social animators in shaping communities, inspiring individuals, and empowering the marginalized in society. Tailored for young people and institutions dedicated to local community development, this part aims to provide an in-depth understanding of social animators’ identities, actions, and significant contributions.
In the second part, we turn our attention to the pressing issues surrounding internet accessibility and education across various European regions, a discussion made even more urgent in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. This segment of the book illuminates the challenges faced by marginalised communities in their quest for digital resources. Central to this narrative is the pivotal role played by digital literacy skills and support systems in bridging the digital divide and fostering social inclusiveness. At the core of these discussions is an implicit acknowledgement of social animators as key figures in addressing these challenges.
Both parts of the book underscore the interconnectedness of animation, community development, and digital inclusivity, underscoring their collective significance in shaping a more equitable society.

The publication is based on two projects co-financed by Erasmus Plus, “Local Environment Animation – New Chance for Youth Development.” Countries: Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy; and “University and Business Inclusive Digital Learning Coaches” (UnInLeCo), Countries: Spain, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Germany.