Rural Informatics

Bordin Rassameethes

Open Access Edition
August 2014, 92 pp.
ISBN 978-961-6914-10-9 PDF

Also available at EconPapers

Printed Edition
November 2012, 92 pp.
ISBN 978-961-6914-00-0
9,95 EUR / 395 THB
Distributed by Kasetsart University

Rural Informatics for ASEAN Agribusiness Transformation is the collection of extensive research in the field of Technology Management. This book illustrates how technology strategies work in the agricultural sector. Information Communication Technology (ICT) does not just provide information to people in agribusiness. ICT is a mechanism that creates impact on how stakeholders in agricultural supply chain are working together. This book points out how technology should be used effectively. Multiple examples in ASEAN countries demonstrate how we can get the most from the technology and how technologies can help those in the agricultural supply chain maximize their ability to improve agricultural production process for getting the best results.

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