European Union on Demand

Špela Majcen
Nada Trunk Širca

December 2015, 69 pp.

ISBN 978-961-6914-14-7
14.00 EUR

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European Union policy has an important influence on the lives of individuals, communities and individual countries. However, sometimes EU citizens are not aware of the importance and influence of these policies, which are, when correctly understood generally positive for both countries and individuals. The complexity of EU policies makes it impossible for the individual to be actively involved in shaping policies. Therefore, education on the role and content of the EU should be a component of the curricula on all levels of education.

This book is mainly addressing the young people, students of different countries and nationalities who do not have any EU themed content on their study programme and to serve as study material in programme subjects on the EU which are not based on European studies.

In deepening and widening their knowledge on the European Union, young people (and others) will discover what options and opportunities the European Union offers them to increase the awareness of European identity and citizenship. This will encourage young people to be active citizens and thus become actively involved in forming future regulations, policies, and principles in our European Union. In strengthening active citizenship we also encourage the development of competencies young people need to efficiently be included in a fast changing society, transnational European education environment and common labour market.