Synergy of Values, Missions and Visions in Companies

Valerij Dermol
Kristijan Musek Lešnik
Suzana Košir
Kristijan Breznik
Mitja Gorenak

March 2016, 187 pp.

ISBN 978-961-6914-15-4
25.00 EUR

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Mission statements, vision statements, and organizational values are recognized as important managerial tools. Besides, they are frequently in the focus of researchers and their scientific studies. As indicated in the book, among researchers and practitioners, solid belief is widespread that clear organizational values, the feeling of shared company mission and clear company vision are the key elements of an excellent organizational culture. Besides, such statements might put organizational processes into perspective, clear out priorities, contribute to saving time, provide certain tradition and stability regarding managing the changes. They can also eliminate doubts, friction, and ambiguities, help to prevent bad business practices, encourage internal and external organizational communication, right behavior, enable evaluation of various methods, etc. Research also confirms that such statements might enhance companies’ employment policies, strengthens management structures and encourage company performance.

In the book, we present an extensive study of organizational values, company mission, and vision, the creation of such statements in business, their dissemination and internalization and finally, their impact on company performance and competitiveness. The findings are based on several types of research done in recent years and using different research methodologies. The authors of the book have an academic background as well as practical experience in business context.