MakeLearn 2013

Active Citizenship by Knowledge
Management & Innovation

Proceedings of the Management,
Knowledge and Learning
International Conference 2013
19–21 June 2013, Zadar, Croatia

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ISBN 978-961-6914-01-7 (CD)
ISBN 978-961-6914-02-4 (PDF)
ISSN 2232-3309, June 2013, 1486 pp.

Through the International scientific conference MakeLearn 2013, the ISSBS encourages the sharing of most recent developments in the field of knowledge management between Slovene and foreign experts, as well as promotes itself and higher education in Central and South-Eastern Europe. By including individuals from major regional businesses, MakeLearn also encourages discussion and the exchange of knowledge between academia and the economy. In particular, this year’s conference focuses on the issues of knowledge, management and innovation intertwined with active citizenship, which is reflected in the subtitle of the conference ‘Active Citizenship by Knowledge Management & Innovation.’

Active citizenship means that members of organisations or nation-states have certain roles and responsibilities to society and the environment. For example, they
should try to help others, particularly by offering them high-level professional expertise in different areas such as management, business, education and technology. All people should be enabled to gain new and valuable experiences, meet new people, learn new skills, be innovative, and be better connected to local, national or global communities. This may strengthen social democracy, encourage people’s sense of responsibility, solidarity and belongingness, enhance inclusion in a society and improve mutual knowledge and understanding of cultural diversity which are important foundations of modern societies.

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