MakeLearn & TIIM 2016

Managing Innovation and Diversity
in Knowledge Society Through
Turbulent Time
Proceedings of the MakeLearn and TIIM
Joint International Conference
25–27 May 2016, Timisoara, Romania

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ISBN 978-961-6914-16-1 (PDF)
ISSN 2232-3309, May 2016


MakeLearn & TIIM 2016 conference theme focuses on Managing Innovation and Diversity in Knowledge Society through Turbulent Time. The conference deals with innovation as management’s new imperative in finding novel solutions to important problems. Furthermore, contemporary workplace and markets are becoming more and more diverse. In order to survive, companies need to be able to manage and utilize their diverse workplace effectively. Managing diversity in the workplace should be a part of the culture of the entire organization. With this in mind, knowledge management can be the foundation in the search for the right answers and future directions in managing innovation and diversity in a knowledge-based society.

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