The Impact of Achievement Orientation on Goal Clarity




private Islamic high school, goal clarity, Achievement-Oriented, organizational behavior


Purpose: This study is to enrich the scientific paradigm in the field of Islamic education management, and to explore the effect of achievement-oriented leadership style on the goal clarity, particularly the study of organizational behavior.

Study design/methodology/approach: This study employs a quantitative research approach using the survey method. The population consists of all teachers employed in a private Islamic high school in one of the provinces in Indonesia. The sample size was determined to be 120 in number, selected through the area sampling technique. Data collection utilized a questionnaire featuring a Likert scale as the primary instrument.

Findings: It revealed that being achievement-oriented has a direct positive impact on goal clarity. The conclusion of this study is that the achievement-oriented, approach influences the goal clarity of Islamic Private High School in one of the provinces in Indonesia.

Originality/value: In light of these criteria, the observed t-value (11.11) surpasses the tabulated t-value (1.98), leading to the rejection of the null hypothesis (H0) and acceptance of the alternative hypothesis (H1). The research hypothesis asserts a direct influence of achievement-oriented heads of Islamic Private High School (X1) on the goal clarity of Islamic Private High School (X2), which is supported by the evidence.

Author Biographies

Noviriani, IAI Yasni Bungo Jambi-Indonesia

Noviriani is a lecturer at IAI Yasni Bungo Jambi-Indonesia, She is active in research, and presently, she is attending a doctoral program in education management, In this study, she is in charge of drafting and writing a manuscript and data analysis.

Su'aidi Asy'ari, UIN Sulthan Thaha Saifuddin Jambi

Su'aidi Asy'ari is a professor at UIN Sulthan Thaha Saifuddin Jambi. He is a lecturer in the postgraduate program at UIN Sulthan Thaha Jambi, Indonesia. In this study, he handled the translation and review of the manuscript.