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The International Journal of Management, Knowledge and Learning (IJMKL) aims to bring together researchers and practitioners in business, education, and other sectors to provide advanced knowledge in the areas of management, knowing and learning in organisations, education, business, social science, entrepreneurship, and innovation in businesses, and others.

The journal encourages the exchange of academic research and provides all those involved in research and practice with new research findings, case examples and discussions. It brings new ideas and offers practical case studies to researchers, practitioners, consultants, and especially young researchers and doctoral students worldwide.

We invite you to submit your research to the International Journal of Management, Knowledge and Learning (IJMKL) for our special section on "Metaverse and AI in Management Research and Education" section. Share your insights and contribute to shaping the discourse in these dynamic fields. For submission guidelines and more details, please check HERE.

Current Issue

Vol. 13 (2024)
Published: 01.01.2024


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