Some Aspects of the Relationship between Talent Management and Service Quality Components in Egyptian Law Firms




talent management, service quality, law firm, organisational behaviour


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to show that talent management (TM) is an influential tool for law firms to gain a competitive advantage, develop competencies and sustain service quality (SQ), which is crucial to their success.

Study design/methodology/approach: A quantitative non-experimental research method was used to evaluate the relationship between TM and SQ components in law firms, focusing on a designed model of correlations to explore some aspects of the relationship between TM and SQ components.

Findings: The findings from correlation and multiple regression analysis show that not all the selected components of TM have a significant relationship with the SQ components. In the study, performance management and compensation components of TM indicate a low correlation with SQ components. Ongoing performance, assessment and concurrent training programs also serve to improve SQ and enhance the overall effectiveness of TM.  Study shows that law firms need to develop strategies and constantly compile data on employees and job positions for consistent TM and development.

Originality/value: The study evaluates a vital aspect of the linkages between TM and SQ components. It suggests ways of improving program effectiveness, employees' overall performance, and retention of the best talent in legal organisations.

Author Biographies

Suzana Košir, AUM – American University of Middle East, Kuwait

Suzana Košir is an Assistant Professor in Sociology from Slovenia, living and working in the American University of Middle East in Kuwait for the last 5 years; e-mail: Her research interests include human rights, human rights education, quality assurance in education, social networking in education and training, study skill, ageing, and knowledge management. 

Radhika Lakshminarayanan

Radhika Lakshminarayanan is Associate Professor of History from India, living and working in the American University of Middle East in Kuwait; email: She has worked as an educator and academic consultant for leading educational institutions in Kuwait and India for the last 25 years. Her research interests include GCC and Kuwait studies, Middle East foreign policy, human rights education, tourism and diaspora studies.

Dina Sabry Said

Dina Sabry Said is an Assistant Professor in Business Administration from Egypt, living and working in the American University of the Middle East in Kuwait for the last five years; email: She has worked for 7 years in the professional service field as staff development and learning head assistant at the World Health Organization, Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean Region, Egypt. She worked as an HR specialist in leading arbitration law firm. Her research interests include talent management, organizational learning, service quality and employee creativity.