The Influence of Top Athletes’ Personal Factors on the Successful Coordination of Their Dual Careers


  • Mateja Gorenc International School for Social and Business Studies
  • Mojca Braz



athlete’s dual career, career in sports, student athlete, decision to study, study success, personal factors


Purpose: In this study, we wanted to determine the effect of personal factors on the successful coordination of a dual career of top Slovenian athletes. Study design/methodology/approach: The survey was prepared and conducted online in 2018, and it lasted until 2019. The questionnaire was sent to over 400 top athletes in Slovenia. We selected the segment of respondents in the Club of Olympians who had a career of top athletes in their active years, during which they did or did not decide on an academic career. The hypothesis was tested based on a survey among athletes who coordinated studies and sport. We used linear multiple regression  analysis (the Enter method) to include all selected variables in the model simultaneously.

Findings: In this research, we found out a huge influence of personal factors on the dual career of top athletes. Personal factors that influence the most are well organised time, good work habits, persistence and diligence.
Originality/value: The conducted research determined the personal factors with the more substantial influence of dual careers of top Athletes in Slovenia.