Emergence of Wisdom Research in Higher Education during 1988–2022

Bibliometric Analysis





Higher education, Bibliometric Analysis, Wisdom publications, VOSviewer


Purpose: This paper focuses on exploring the emerging trends and themes of wisdom research in higher education during the 1988-2022 period.
Study design/methodology/approach: Wisdom publications (n=523) found in the Web of Science database were quantitatively analysed. For mapping the emerging research themes and trends we applied Bibliometric Analysis (i.e., citation, co-citation, bibliographic coupling, co-word, and co-authorship analyses). VOSviewer software was used for analysis and visualization.
Findings: Findings indicated an exponential growth in wisdom publications that could provide opportunities for educational researchers for many years ahead. The main emerging themes were: pedagogy, teaching, students, intelligence, character, ethics, wisdom, local wisdom, phronesis, practical wisdom, spirituality, empathy, inequality, mindfulness, sustainability, and human capital.
Originality/value: This study uses science mapping technique of Bibliometric Analysis that is still a very new method in educational research.

Author Biography

Maria Jakubik, Independent Research Scholar

Maria Jakubik is an Honorary Associate Professor of the University of Pècs, Hungary and a member of The Hungarian Academy of Sciences’ External Public Body. She has more than two decades of experience in the Finnish higher education. She is an active research scholar of the Ronin Institute, USA, member of the International Council on Knowledge Management (ICKM), Austria, and the Philosophy and Theory of Higher Education Society (PaTHES), UK. Her current research focuses on higher education and university pedagogy.